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"De'Anne Obasanya was my attorney for a civil case.  Ms. Obasanya was a dream.  An absolute godsend.  From the beginning, she was very thorough.  I felt in my heart that she cared.  She wanted to know what happened that evening and what had been going on with me since.  She took a few days to tell me that she would take my case.  I liked that she made sure my case had merit and was a good fit for her abilities.  She explained how the process would work, what she needed from me, and the timeline. Through persistent negotiation, I netted a low six figure settlement, which was well over 100x more than the $1,000 the insurance company had given me to date. I also believe that the most the insurance company would have offered me without Ms.Obasanya-if it ever did-is $25,000. I am forever grateful to her for her sincere compassion in dealing with me, her dedication to making me feel taken care of, and her professionalism.  Ms. Obasanya always did what she said she was going to do when she said she was going to do it.  I am truly appreciative of her skills as an attorney and negotiator, evidenced by her convincing the insurance company-firmly and through persistent application of the law-to finally take care of me.  Therefore, I completely and unequivocally recommend Ms. Obasanya as an attorney."                         T.C. Mableton, GA




"Me and my cousin were involved in a terrible car accident. De'Anne was referred to me from a friend. When I spoke with her she assured me that she would take care of everything.  Her thoroughness kept me at ease the whole entire time.  I had so many hang ups in my case but De'Anne made sure she kept me in the loop and stayed on top of the insurance companies.  I felt so good being represented by De'Anne because it was clear that she knew her stuff.  I would recommend De'Anne to EVERYONE from this point on. SHE IS AMAZING!!!!"  J.Benton-Atlanta, GA


"My family was involved in an auto accident. De'Anne was very persistant with dealing with the insurance company and fighting for my family. She was dilligent about communicating and keeping us informed throughout the process. She was knowledgeable and made us feel comfortable in light of the situation. Thanks to her persistence the insurance company paid us the max on the policy! We would definitely refer her and utilize her services again!"                            

                                                                                                             S. Rodgers-Buford, GA



"I utilized  De'Anne during the acquisition of my first business location. During the initial startup phase, I needed the assurance that only a proficient legal professional could provide.

Prior to her managing the legal matters of this business transaction, I had the opportunity to observe De'Anne's work ethic and I believed she was the ideal person to oversee the legal aspect of this business contract. Days after hiring De'Anne, she proved to be better than I expected. She did not just review the legal parts of the transaction, she fought for better terms, less ambiguity and favorable exit options.


De'Anne's exceptional service was priceless. Closing the deal was not important to De'Anne. Her unmatched creativity, perseverance and due diligence would only settle for the best business and legal terms. Her service was and continues to be a critical part of our success."                                                                                                                                              S. Crook-Buford, GA



"I have used De'Anne on multiple occasions to help me with legal issues regarding my business. I first met her when I took out an equity line on my home. I was so impressed by her combination of professionalism and warmth that I knew I would go to her in the future for any legal needs.

When I started my business, she represented me through all aspects of the legal process. Because my business type was not currently allowed in Georgia, I ran into difficulty getting licensed by the state of Georgia. I hired an attorney who advised that I sue the state and he charged me thousand of dollars. The result was a disaster and completely jeopardized any chance of success.                       

De'Anne stepped in and rebuilt the relationship on my behalf, resulting in the state of Georgia changing the rules and allowing my company to get its license.

I rarely give five stars to people, but if I could, I would give her six."        T. Clark-Alpharetta, GA


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