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Frequently Asked Questions-Personal Injury


 1. What is the important thing for me to do after my injury?


 The most important thing for you to do, quite simply, is to recover from your injury. The law required injured people to "mitigate their damages". In other words, the law requires you to do that which is necessary to improve your physical condition and recover from your injury.


 2. How do I pay my bills?


 Our office will discuss the payment of your medical bills in detail with you.


 3. How will my lawyer be paid?


 In almost all personal injury cases, your attorney will be paid by keeping a percentage or portion of the final settlement or court award resulting from your injury.


 4. Should I communicate with or contact the insurance company or the person or persons who are responsible for my injuries?


 Absolutely not! Under no circumstances should you contact the insurance company once you have retained an attorney. If you contact the other person's insurance company, for any reason, you could ruin your entire case with one question or statement. It is not appropriate for you to contact the tortfeasor, even if the tortfeasor has not told the truth about how the incident occurred.


 5. When will my case settle?


 It is impossible in the early stages of a personal injury claim to predict when that particular claim will actually settle. Some cases settle in a matter of months after the injury while others can take years to get to settlement or trial. Our office will usually wait until you have completed recovery before trying to settle your case.


 6. How much is my case worth?


 It is virtually impossible to predict the value of a case until all of the information has been collected and you have recovered or almost recovered from your injury, because insurance companies require specific documentation. It is your responsibility and that of our office to provide the insurance company with as much clear information as possible to support your claim.


 7. Will the doctors, hospitals and other medical facilities wait for payment if I am unable to pay my bills as they are incurred?


 In most cases where there is no immediate method to pay medical bills as they are incured, many doctors, hospitals, and other medical facilities will wait to be paid for their services when the case is finally resolved by way of settlement of verdict in court.  It is important to let medical providers know early in the process if you have no insurance or financial means to pay medical bills as they are incurred.






















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